Holger Danske game

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Holger Danske game

Post by Hermes Serpent » Sun Jun 05, 2016 7:06 pm

Ran another session of my Holger Danske scenario at UK Games Expo this weekend, third time I've run it and another great game with enthusiastic players.

Every time the team has managed to retrieve both Nils Bohr, his wife and the copy of De Vermis that N requested. Every time the team has done the job a different way and normally they get clean away but this session someone actually got killed. He was hiding in a hay cart and the cart was shot at by an MG 42 team from the other side of the road. Lucky for him every die roll for damage from the burst failed to pierce the stout wooden sides of the wagon except for one and that was an impale which caused 10 damage and removed his last hit points leaving him bleeding out in the wagon bed while everyone else grabbed Mr and Mrs Bors, stole the shot up German troop truck and drove like heck for the port where all but the driver escaped by boat. The driver having gone a little loopy reading the book chose to drive the truck to a glorious death in a hail of Nazi bullets.
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