(Keepers Only) Europe Ablaze questions/thoughts.

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(Keepers Only) Europe Ablaze questions/thoughts.

Post by doctorx » Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:47 pm

Figured I'd start this thread since I didn't see one for it. So here we go:

The Play Is The Thing: I'd have liked some game stats for the Vickers Wellington. I DID look it up and found out there are 2-4 gunner positions. I know my players, they're going to want to man the guns and help out during the takeoff scene.

The adventure seems to assume that the Investigators WILL put a stop to the Carcassa broadcast BEFORE airtime. But what if they don't? *I* have "Tatters of the King" and can provide some dialogue from The King In Yellow if it comes to it, but other keepers might not be so lucky as to have an 8-year-old, $28 book lying around. Having part of a scene or two in the book would be a welcome addition. And what if they fail? I'd like some information on how having a permanent link to Carcossa in Northern Italy will affect my campaign and the course of the war.

pouncing panda
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Re: (Keepers Only) Europe Ablaze questions/thoughts.

Post by pouncing panda » Fri Jul 15, 2016 4:07 pm

Europe Ablaze is a great read, very well set out. But like you, I am wondering how some of the scenarios work in practice.

The Play is the Thing is my least favourite of the scenarios. I like many of the things in it (e.g. the sympathetic Italian characters, the ghostly encounters and the general atmosphere) but it makes the classic CoC scenario mistake of often saying "the players will do xxxx" and then sticking a world-changing consequence of the players not doing xxx at the end. I think the consequences of failure for this scenario would be that the world as we know it no longer exists and that many of the former concerns of the characters are now irrelevant. This isn't a bad thing unless you want to keep playing WWC as written with the same characters!

You could have a second scenario to close the gate if you don't want to end the campaign, but I think all the characters would end up irrevocably insane.

Incidentally, I don't see how the majority of characters would survive the final encounter anyway, as they all catch the Yellow Death.

I much preferred Lift Not Thy Hands, Stowaways and the superlative We Will Remember Them.

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