Rocket Age with other settings?

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Re: Rocket Age with other settings?

Post by Jakob » Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:19 am

NozzDogg47 wrote:
Jakob wrote:I understand how setting the game in the 30s/40s might also be a kind of metafictional gimmick that serves to reflect on the themes and motives of the times.
I wouldn't call setting it in the 1930s a gimmick. Rocket Age was written by a former archaeologist. I think he set it in the 1930s because the sci-fi of the time reflected the world's mindset and attitude, both good and bad.
That's pretty much what I meant - sorry, maybe "gimmick" has a too negative connotation (I'm not a native English speaker, so such details sometimes escape me ...).
NozzDogg47 wrote: What themes are you planning on playing with? I'm unfamiliar with much 60s-70s Sci-Fi and so I don't really know the style and differences that'll bring. Also, if you plan on using any of the Rocket Age stuff, what would you change apart from the time period? Would the Venusians and Martians be more advanced? Would humanity still be the major space faring race aside from the Europans?
I was actually thinking about using the system for a "modern" interstellar space opera campaign - a little more scientific (but still not quite hard sf), with truly weird aliens and strange far future human cultures. Themes of augmentation and transhumanism, but not in the foreground - just in the way that they have begun to permeate far future sf in the last decades anyway. The Mindjammer setting for Fate is pretty close, but Fate doesn't really work for me ... the same goes for the BRP-based River of Heaven. I actually like BRP, but Vortex looks like a system I'd like to try, and that might actually be a better fit for me.

EDIT: By the way, I don't mean to criticize a setting that I've not even read half-through yet ... it's just that I like to start talking online about newly discovered rpgs, even before I've had the time to read through them. The way it looks, I might end up giving the original setting a try after all ...

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Re: Rocket Age with other settings?

Post by NozzDogg47 » Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:01 pm

Yeah, sorry about that... Rocket Age is my favourite setting and I often get a little defensive.

As for gimmick, yeah, it kind of suggests that something added is novel but relatively worthless in what it adds.

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