Don't worry, it'll grow back...

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Don't worry, it'll grow back...

Post by DeltaEcho » Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:08 am

(This was original posted to the Primeval forum, then DWAITAS, and I didn't want to leave you guys out)

The vortex system was designed to be easy for new player to pick up,
And for the sake of fast easy play made damage 'simplified' in to blocks of preset damage,

If you are not new to gaming you may not appreciate the chunkyness of this,
You may miss and prefer a more detailed system of damage resolution,
And less hassle in choosing which attribute gets hit,

So presented here are the 'house rules' used in my Primeval rpg, (that just so happens to run on the same system as Doctor Who and Rocket Age, I like to think of these as optional as in unearthed arcana)

(No, not recommended daily amount, nor those bad guys from Avatar, but Random Damage Assignment)

You know what it's like, you are tied or distracted and don't need the hassle of choosing which attribute gets it (more so if it's potentially lethal) life would be easier if it could choose for you, with the added bonus of the players not blaming the gm for killing their characters (the dice doood it)

It's very simple, for each point of damage roll a single d6, (so if you took 4 points of damage you would roll 4 dice)

Then read them bones and consult the chart below, and behold, Magic!

1 Awareness
2 Coordination
3 Ingenuity
4 Presence
5 Resolve
6 Strength

If mental damage, rolls of 2 and 6 become "players choice"

Double and Nothing
Tired of those chunky blocks of damage?
Wished for more variance and detail?

Then worry no more,
Simply roll a single d6 per point of rated damage

1-2 = 0 points of damage
3-4 = 1 point of damage
5-6 = 2 points of damage

Or if you prefer,

1 = 0 points of damage
2-3-4-5 =1 points of damage
6 = 2 points of damage

Results of 0/zero are still hits but are less than one point,
for the sake of contact, such as poisoning strikes it still qualifies,

Ouchy boo boo rule number one
Let the player choose which attributes get hit, cost 1 Story Point per attack,

That was close!
Half damage before it hits, cost 2 SP

Second wind (true grit version)
Shrug off, plow through reduce by 1d6 + Resolve attributes damage for 3 story point


Thick skin, (minor or major good trait)
Protects from social damage, only,
Minor protects for 2 points
Major protects for 4 points

Thin skin, (minor or major bad trait)
You are sensitive to social conflict,
Minor add 1 point of damage to a mental attribute
Major add 2 points of damage to a mental attribute

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