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Re: Playing AP in other parts of the world - Helium

Post by Corone » Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:01 pm

Razorwing wrote:We know that the Change Cage cities tend to produce resources that they trade with each other... using the Bargefolk to carry these items from one city to the others... but no information on any trade with the other cultures. This is probably because such trade is almost nonexistant.
Not entirely non-existent.
The Cities don't trade with another but the Barge folk (and the other cities via the Barge Folk)
but the Barge folk do trade with the Neobedouins and Skyfolk to bring in black market goods.
As the Bargefolk will trade items they find in the cities with the other cultures, the Neovics trade by proxy.
(and to a certain extent in Helium city too)
While the cities are horrible places, what they produce is very well made having honed and practiced what they are allowed to produce to an exceptionally high standard. So airship parts from Neovic cities are highly sought after.
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Re: Playing AP in other parts of the world - Helium

Post by Razorwing » Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:08 pm

I did say "almost" non-existant.

For the most part the Neovictorians don't trade with outsiders... bargefolk and deligations to Helium City being the notable exceptions. The bulk of any trade with outsiders will probably be with the Neobedouin for the few items that are still technically illigal to produce within the cities... meat being at the top of the list.
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