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Cthulhu Britannica Reprints?

Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:56 am
by tjgreenway
Hey guys, just a quick question regarding your Cthulhu Britannica line. I seem to have been a bit slow to the party having recently got into CoC and am keen to delve into the British setting (being an expat in Aus). I'm specifically looking at the London Box Set and Curse of Nineveh compaign (although the collector in me will be picking up the other books too!) and wanted to check whether you'd be reprinting these and getting them back in stock on your online store at some point? I'm no hurry, but if I know I'll be able to pick everything up from one source, then I'll hold off on hunting things out from obscure sources (being in Australia, that unfortunately tends to be ebay and the crazy prices that go with it!).