A few questions before I make an order

Questions and queries relating to the purchase of our products.
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Grey Seer
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A few questions before I make an order

Post by Grey Seer » Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:11 am


I'm new here and I had several questions I wanted to ask. Basically, I learned about the One Ring RPG and read several reviews. I learned about the very cool and unique mechanics and wanted to pick up a copy of the core rulebook. I discovered the Bits and Mortar program and that there was one store in my area that participates. When I went to go get the book, the store did not have a copy of anything from the One Ring line and they had no idea what the Bits and Mortar program was, despite being on the website. To make matters worse, their distributor didn't have the One Ring in stock either, so they were not sure when they could get it in. So, I came to the Cubicle 7 site to order and now I have several questions:

1. It looks like Cubicle 7 may be out of the UK. If I make an order, how long does shipping usually take to get to the US? I read somewhere that there may be a US fulfillment center? Does this mean Cubicle 7 has stock already here? Since my FLGS says the distributor is out, I'm not sure how this works?

2. If I make an order that includes both current stock and pre-order items (such as the fancy new dice or the Erebor supplement), would my order be held and not shipped until the pre-order items are available, or would you ship the in stock items right away and the others as they became available?

3. I see I missed an awesome summer salesplosion 25% off deal/discount by a only a couple of weeks :( If I had only know about this sooner, man I would have done a sizable order! How often does Cubicle 7 do deals like that? Should I wait to order? 25% off would allow much more buying power for me and extra items to my order. If there's a way to still get that deal or if a new one is coming up, how would I find out about it?

4. I love the fact you give PDFs with your items. Being that my FLGS doesn't do the Bits and Mortar program, if I were to have purchased from them anyways (assuming they can get stock) or from Amazon or something...would I still be eligible to get a PDF with a proof of purchase or something?

OK. I know the above is a lot and I appreciate if you've stayed with me thus far. I have a waiting cart at your online shop waiting so please let me know if you can answer any of the above. Thank you so much! :)

Hermes Serpent
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Re: A few questions before I make an order

Post by Hermes Serpent » Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:04 am

I'm not a C7 employee but your questions get asked often enough that I can help.
C7 is a UK company but they have a US warehouse so shipping comes from there for the NA market.

A distributor has to order from the fulfillment center and may not have bothered.

You should follow C7 via their newsletter or Twitter feed to get warning/notice of deals.

Generally speaking if you pay close to list price then send them a copy of the receipt C7 normally send a pdf if you can't get it through the game store. Normally buying via a discounter like Amazon doesn't qualify and one recent purchaser found that the store wouldn't supply pdf's as he was from another state!
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Re: A few questions before I make an order

Post by T.S. Luikart » Thu Jul 28, 2016 5:30 pm

Thanks Hermes Serpent. ;)

Grey Seer - HS hit the fine points well, but I'll fill in against your questions.

1) C7 is based in the UK. Yes, we have a US fulfillment center. Stock comes and goes at the distributors regularly.

2) We generally ship what we have in stock. Minor delays occur if, for example, you were to order something along with a pre-order that we knew was coming in immediately, but generally do not wait.

3) As HS said, sign up for the newsletter, keep an eye on the website! - we tend to have a summer salesplosion... once every summer. ;)

4) If you purchase from a Brick & Mortar and they don't use Bits & Mortar (or refuse to) - after showing us a receipt and your books, we'll get you a PDF. We do not do this for resellers or purchases from Amazon.
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