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Information regarding pre-orders

Post by Jon Hodgson » Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:10 am

When can I pre-order a book/game?
Since the end of 2011, with occasional exceptions (which are clearly advertised as such, for example the Doctor Who Subscription offer from early 2013, or Adventures in Middle-earth titles that see huge pre-orders) we only offer preorders on books that are about to go to print.

We get frequent correspondence requesting earlier pre-order opportunities on the various exciting books we talk about being in production, but due to the exacting way we make our games we are not prepared to take your money until we know a book is going to print. If something is wrong we put it right. If something could be improved we improve it. This can mean our books can head backwards in the production pipeline where needed, and this can add delays to release. This is the only way we're content to work and it's why we have built a reputation for quality gaming products. It also means we're not going to take your money until our games are made. We don't want to face the choice of doing it right, or doing it fast to satisfy people we owe games to.

I preordered, where is my book?
When you pre-order with us in most cases you'll receive a PDF copy of the product within a few days. The files head off to the printers, and it's then something of a waiting game outside of our control. Depending on the printer and where they are based this can take from 4 to 8 weeks. International shipping (as in ships, sailing on the ocean) issues can stretch these timelines, as can US customs who occasionally take an interest in our shipments. Unfortunately we can't control nor change the likelihood of these potential delays.

Depending where we print a title, we will do one of two things:

Printing in the US: We take delivery of stock from the printer into our US Warehouse. We then dispatch US and Canadian preorders. Stock is then sent to US retailers, and dispatched for the UK. Once in the UK warehouse (crossing the Atlantic takes 1 to 2 weeks) we then dispatch to UK and Rest of World pre orderers. And then to UK and rest of world retailers.

Printing in the EU: We take delivery of stock from the printer into our UK Warehouse. We then dispatch UK and European preorders. Stock is also sent on to US warehouse from the printer, but naturally takes longer to arrive. Once in the US warehouse (crossing the Atlantic takes 1 to 2 weeks) we then dispatch to US pre orderers. And then on to US retailers.

We use this process as it provides the fastest delivery and best price for shipping for the most customers.
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