Conversions to LoA

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Conversions to LoA

Post by Raemus » Sun Jun 30, 2013 5:30 pm

I'm currently working on converting my Pathfinder-Eberron Game to LoA-Eberron. I'm wondering if anyone else has done some major conversions for the 3.5 or PF System to LoA, or really any other systems to LoA. It'd be nice to put them together for GM's that might be looking for some help.

I'll post some of my conversion material when I get it a little more shiny (and I finish reading the whole of LoA)

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Re: Conversions to LoA

Post by ReaperWolf » Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:03 am

Neat post. Sadly, not a lot of us left. :(

It seems that most of the fans of this version of FATE have jumped ship to FATE Core. Honestly, I like both but prefer SbA and LoA because of the crunch which FATE Core has dumped big-time.

So I've done a fair amount of conversion work of Star Frontiers to SbA and it's been well received. The hard part is taking all the crunch from one system and figuring out if it's best covered by a Skill, Aspect, or Stunt. This is particularly true of race creation. The GM has to set down and figure out what goes where provided there even needs to be a mechanic for it. Take dwarves. Chances are you have a pretty solid idea of what they are but how do their racial abilities in D&D factor into LoA? The one I hang up on is Aspect or Stunt? You'll want to give the racial creation, aspects, and stunts sections of the LoA book a thorough read-through to sort this out and you'll still doubt yourself because it's not black and white. Basically if it comes down to flavor it's an Aspect but if it bends or breaks the rules it's a Stunt.


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Re: Conversions to LoA

Post by zcthu3 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:14 pm

While I haven't gone a bunch of conversions, there is a d20 to Fate conversion doc floating around the web. It is for Spirit rather than LoA/Starblazers but should work OK.

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