FATE Core & Starblazers...

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FATE Core & Starblazers...

Post by ReaperWolf » Sat May 18, 2013 12:09 am

<Cross-posted from the LoA forums 'cuz it's relevant>

This is gonna earn me an enemy but honestly I'm hoping C7 doesn't incorporate the Evil Hat's latest iteration of FATE. Frankly, it's too generic and stripped down for my tastes. True there are some nice refinements, worthy of inclusion in a second LoA Companion.

There's this trend among the FATE hipsters to strip/hand wave away all the crunchy bits turning an adventure into a purely narrative experience as opposed to a game. A lot of FATE fans seem to think the crunchy bits like starship and vehicle rules in Starblazer Adventures and LoA are fussy and limiting. Balderdash I say. Those rules frame the setting and provide guidance as opposed to turning n00b players and GMs loose in the vast desert of possibilities that is FATE you can hold their hand a little and say here's how you CAN do it. After the n00bs get familiar and feel comfortable then peel back the layers (or add additional ones!!) till you have the game you WANT to play.

Just my opinion but just because it's new doesn't mean it's better. The folks at C7 did a great job with Starblazers and LoA and I'd like to see the games move forward a bit before they scrap 'em out.

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Re: FATE Core & Starblazers...

Post by Malebarius » Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:24 pm

I'd like much of it to be incorporated. Ideally, I'd like a hypothetical new SBA/LoA to jump off Fate Core in the way current SBA/LoA jumped off from Spirit of the Century.
I'd certainly like the number of Aspects to be dramatically reduced. Fate Core reduced it to five but I can't see any reason not to reduce it to four. I also prefer the shorter Stress tracks of Fate Core.
But I prefer for stuff like vehicles, guns and armour to actually matter mechanically and not just be flavour and would also prefer to retain the higher Refresh scores and greater number of Stunts (and the Stunts structure) from SBA/LoA. There might even be some bits of Strands of Fate that might be worth including (not the Abilities but perhaps the way Stress and Consequences work?)

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