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Minions & Weapons / Vehicles & Weapons

Post by zcthu3 » Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:41 am

Hi all

First time poster, hoping to get some clarification around minions and vehicles in SBA (and LoA) as I've just started a new SBA Star Wars game.

Firstly, do unattached minions get bonus damage for weapons, or do they simply roll Quality+Quantity with the net shifts being the damage? i.e. does a bunch of stormtroopers with blaster rifles add +5 to their net shifts for damage, or is it just the net shifts? Adding weapon damage makes them a far more significant threat, but that's not necessarily a good thing.

Secondly, vehicles in SBA are covered in the same chapter as robots. Robots do get weapon damage bonuses (e.g. the Earth Defence Force Combat Robot gets an Energy Axe) but it is unclear whether vehicles do as well. Page 304 indicates that they follow the same rules as starship combat, where there is no "extra" weapon damage, and that makes sense for vehicle vs vehicle combat, but what about where vehicles fire on the PCs? Should they get bonus damage then? It doesn't appear so, but I could also see them being treated as Robots in that situation.

I am also aware of the Anti-Personal Armour stunt in MindJamer, and am thinking of using the Bulldog "scale" rules as suggested in the Star Wars Fate: Knights of the Old Republic document that I found on the web (sorry, not sure who the author is).

I'd appreciate any clarity anyone can shed.


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