Resisting possession - what do the rules say?

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Resisting possession - what do the rules say?

Post by Feierabend666 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:31 am

I have a question about the game mechanics of possession by level 2 exonomes. The "Possession" paragraph on page 144 does not explain how to determine whether a human possession target resists an attempt at possessing him. Same for the description of the level 2 entities on pages 201: no mechanism of resistance to possession is mentioned.
On the other hand, on page 249, the following is mentioned regarding the level 2 entities which attack the characters: "Victims may resist possession by pitting POW against POW on the Resistance table".

So, how is it? Is it always possible to resist possession by this POW vs POW mechanic, or only for the specific entities on page 249?

I feel the answer may be in the rules, but if it is so, I missed it.

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Re: Resisting possession - what do the rules say?

Post by Hermes Serpent » Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:55 am

Without scanning the rules I'd say that a POW vs. POW test on the Resistance Table would be fine for resisting Possession by any entity capable of possessing a human.

Level One entities with a POW of 7 to 11 on average are only going to posses a PC about 30-40% of the time.
Level Two entities around 55-60% with Level Three entities up to 75% of the time and Level Four entities have approaching a 95% chance of appropriating your brain.

So a roll on the Resistance Table seems fine to me with Level One and Two exonomes causing little more than a nuisance to prepared characters.

Note that p144 talks of L1 and L2 entities inhabiting non-human mammals and corpses, L4 entities require a human and L2 entities can possess mammals both human and non-human. The mention of some summoned entities being only able to inhabit animals is, I think, a Keeper call as to how, and by what, an animal is possessed.
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