Cultist mission generator:

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Cultist mission generator:

Post by wickeddarkman » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:43 am

*This post is still under construction* (Started 18-01-2017, ended **-**-****)

18-09-2017: adding some new mission types.

Some undercover missions actually aquire that the players become cultists.
This calls for the need of a cultist mission generator.

MISSIONS: (26. goal is 44)
* aquire occult items: (from museum, collector, occult market)
* assassinate investigaters:
* bribe someone important:
* celebrate cultist holyday:
* Combat training (traditional) learn how to use the cult's triblade, sawchains or other.
* Combat training (ballistical weaponry)
* Combat training (brawl)
* cover tracks of cult activities:
* defence duty (buy/find new spells, traps, guardians or other stuff for the cults hq)
* external extermination: Kill someone bothering the cult.
* get sacrifices for the cults god:
* getting money: Get money for the cult. (Some cults prefer it legal, some illegal, a few don't care)
* infiltrate cops:
* infiltrate occult group: (competition or government)
* inside extermination: Someone seriously wants group dynamics to change within the cult.
* intimidate neighbours:
* investigate other cults:
* investigate occult organisation:
* kill someone close as a loyalty test
* recruit new people for the cult:
* seek out mythos entities for expert advice on cult stuff:
* Participate in evening courses. (The cult needs new skills, but try to act normal out there)
* party recklessly:
* patrol neighbourhood:
* survive an assault on the cult (competitors, investigaters, occult government:
* treasure hunt. travel to hostile location to retrieve treasure

TWISTS: (9, goal is 44)
* false flag another competitive cult.
* lots of witnesses must be there.
* noone must be harmed.
* noone outside the cult must know of the mission or live to tell about it.
* only magic may be used to complete.
* only ballistical weaponry may be used to complete.
* only the cults traditional weapons may be used to complete.
* someone is shadowing the group.
* there must be no witnesses.

INTERNAL RIVALISM: (1, goal is 44)
* the mission must be done to impress someone, and the cult status for the mission goes to that individual.

I Wonder if the launch of the "Unspeakable Sigil and Sign" series could be attributed to this post and some of my others. I've written a lot of stuff on the cultist ressources after all and this may have kickstarted it :)

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