Players and their pets:

There are things out there, in the weirder reaches of space-time where reality is an optional extra. Horrible things, usually with tentacles. Good thing there's a bureaucracy to deal with them. Based on the Laundry Files novels by Charles Stross. Learn more at our website:
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Players and their pets:

Post by wickeddarkman » Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:23 am

Sometimes my players get some sort of pet for the sake of having fun.

Recently one of my players saw an oldschool horror movie (Probably it was "warlords of atlantis")
During the movie one of the characters had his pet chicken "herbert" with him throughout the movie.

So my player decided to have his own herbert.

So far it's been lost in a morgue and has survived a trip to the grey temple (Ever seen the movie congo?) with white apes and cthonians everywhere.

Has anyone else any fun laundry stories involving player-pets?

As a fun finnisher I just read today that the average malaria-mosquito avoids the smell of chicken, so I've added this as an ability to chickens in general. Since the current play area is in guatemala, I expect the other players to get a hen of their own, making the whole expedition into something rather weird. It's a good thing that they are undercover as cultists, infiltrating the local network of villains.

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Re: Players and their pets:

Post by Beran » Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:48 pm

Non-Laundry Files related, but I did plan on introducing a "Rubble Kitten" to the party in a Weird War II game that never materialized. Beyond that the only pets in any of my groups games are usually in the "Familiar" or Ranger Animal Companion category.

I think it is a good idea and one that could lead to some really amusing role playing.

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Re: Players and their pets:

Post by wickeddarkman » Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:05 am

Yeah, if done real carefull and with propper details it could even kickstart a new laundry section, "pet patrol".

In my "100 cultist items" post, I put in some "pets" in the form of a wasp-swarm possessed by a single entity, hexing scarabs, exploding flies, magicsniffing dogs and mp-enhancing plants + more, but only the dogs really counted as pets. (I did have a ring that turned it's wearer into a cute kitten with "75% make people think you are adorable")

There are plenty of animals that would fit into the laundry.

Cats, dogs and horses are all known for their acute senses around the supernatural. (Dogs senses magic, cats see ghosts and horses scare from everything, even snakes in the grass).

The canary you have in a cage at home might be eaten before you, giving the monster away by not singing.
(Ant colonies could be an early sign of possessor entities when they start canibalizing each others)

Frogs and earthworms have been known to warn against earthquakes.

crows, ravens, spiders, black, red and white cocks, there are so many animals involved in the occult, so that laundry really should have a pet-patrol.

In my post cultist ressourcess I vaguely sugested cults that had their focus on animals and exonomes.
(One group in "cultists under the bed" cranieros rojos, could use animals with painfull bites in their rituals)

So yeah, the idea is valid enough :D

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