Attack of the electro-slime: scenario outline.

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Attack of the electro-slime: scenario outline.

Post by wickeddarkman » Wed Apr 01, 2015 8:21 am

The players are told to rush to the nearest park available and wait for a chopper to take them to a laundry section with equipment. (To simulate a rushthrough, tell them that each item they try to request will result in a 3 minute delay. Tell them time is running out on this one) A wooping total of 10 items will let the situation devolve into a laundry/monster/media circus. (2d6 status loss)

They are informed to equip themselves with gear towards fightning a "large rampant blob" and securing civilians in the area.

They will then be transported by chopper again towards the catastrophy area.

The chopper pilot will ask them how close they want to approach, and when they have visual they will see something blobish size 50 with electrical pseudopods which is flinging cars into buildings.

If they get within any weaponrange and fire, it turns out that the thing cannot be banished, is immune against physical attacks and hits the chopper with some sort of electromagnetic pulse (shutting all gadgetrelated stuff down"

The thing has one weakness.
A large amount of electricity.

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