"GREEN VEIL" Another dimension!

There are things out there, in the weirder reaches of space-time where reality is an optional extra. Horrible things, usually with tentacles. Good thing there's a bureaucracy to deal with them. Based on the Laundry Files novels by Charles Stross. Learn more at our website: http://www.cubicle7.co.uk/our-games/the-laundry/
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"GREEN VEIL" Another dimension!

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Reopened for re-construction: 03-10-2016:
Last worked on: 05-10-2016

Other dimensions are rarely covered by rpg-games. I did a decent try at covering the plateau of the sleeper but ran out of textual space because I simply covered too many aspects of that place. I'll restrain my work this time in order to make a workable dimension that can easily be put into any laundry-campaign. :ugeek:

"The green veil" is a parallel earth which has not evolved humans, and has a low mythos activity. The sun and the moon follow the same paterns as in our own world, but life is very different on this planet. At dawn, butterfly-looking plants starts fluttering towards the higher atmospheres and looks like a green veil on the skies, thus giving the place it's name. It is also so closely tied to the realms of ghosts and spirits that a wide number of lifeforms have evolved to exploit this nearness. Due to this dimensional closeness, this dimension often suffers from earthquakes.

It is preferred that any operatives traveling through gates wear hazmat suits and plenty of oxygen, and are thoroughly decontaminated, thaumaturgically cleansed and quarantained for a long period after visiting any of these worlds. In reality most dimensions already contaminate earth all the time and viral problems are really rare so most operatives throw away the hazmat to move better. The real threat is that someone might pick up some unknown forms of exonomes that for some reason slip through scans and cleansings, so the quarantains are the most upheld security measure. Since 10% of humans are allergic to the pollen of orniferns visitors to "the green veil" should consider wearing the hazmat suit in general, but veterans of this World have had breaches in their suit and know that they are not allergic (by surviving the breach) so they are the ones discarding it more often.

Banishing rounds can make things complicated in other dimensions. The baseline description of a banishing round is that when an other dimensional entity is hit it will be banished to another dimension. Entities hiding in someone elses flesh are also banished. The complications arise when you use these round in other dimensions. Any agents shoting themselves for one reason or another will instantly be flung to another dimension. Two types of banishing rounds can possibly be made, one that throws you to your original dimension, and one that throws you to a random dimension. Players will prefer "original dimension" banishing rounds as they can save a bullet for themselves as a ticket home when they are elsewhere. Other beings sent back home might have a chance of finding back to earth using previous travelling routes if they still exist. In cases where players shot native entities with these rounds, they sort of just stay in the area. Banishing rounds that throw entities into random dimensions might have a chance of throwing something to earth if used outside earth, so laundry generally avoid giving these to agents as a safety precaution.

This alternate version of earth is split into two types of tables, Lifeforms and locations, and a single encounter in this world involves a single roll on each. Interpret the results long before you start the game to get the best out of the encounter, as some blends will be difficult to analyze.

Some of the locations are actually stationary creatures, but should be treated as a location.

Each travel that you send your players through, should hold 2-4 randomly pregenerated encounters, and you can place homemade encounters between these to spice up a session.

Be aware that one of the most important things in roleplaying is to give the players some options to choose between. Also have the storyline involve some sort of "final goal" for the players to reach, navigating "the veil" successfully. Both concepts will be boosting almost any story.
In this dimension magical energies are flowing through the large quantities of quartz that seem to grow everywhere, and almost all beings there tap into these energies by close contact with this quartz.

01-02 ARMY ANTS:
Almost identical to the earth species, these ants are swarming the landscape, while eating through everything that isn't heavily armored. There is a 5% chance that a swarm is possessed by a possessor entity, but the swarm will starve fast if the possessor cannot range freely, and arborial sacks often see to this. Swarms like this will be intelligent but have a lot less individuals in it.
STR xx, CON xx, SIZ xx, INT xx, POW xx, DEX xx, DB xx, ARMOR xx.

This rainbowcolored energy entity flies around at high speed and teleport beings throughout different timelines, only to recollect them a few minutes or hours later. Some thinks they are attempting to fix a broken timeline throughout time manipulation, but since they seem to be without intelligence this is a mysterium. Individuals targeted by their timethrowing can try to resist by spending d6 mp and roll a successfull pow*2. (The bta will then leave that player alone). They travel in all dimensions and are possibly related to "sprites" a cloudphenomenon on earth, and often appear at thunderstorms.
DEX 2d6+10, CON 3d6+1, SIZ d6+4, POW 6d6.

Slinks are related to cats and very dominant in this dimension. The black slink has an aura that affects luck negatively as some of it's prey involve the "lucky" crystal-shielded turtles. It's semi-intelligent and curious and has a keen sense of where portals are located, which is why it's sometimes seen on earth, where it has given ordinary black cats a bad reputation. They are related to the yellow slinks.
STR 2d6+12, CON 4d6+14, SIZ 2d6+6, INT 2d6+2, POW 3d6, DEX 2d6+6, DB xx, ARMOR 0.

These serpent men are a lot like earths neanderthals compared to other serpent men. They have evolved some culture and primitive spell-casting. Their main cultural focus is based on supplying "arborial sacks" with ghosts so that they will spawn offspring faster. They use the arborial sacks as acid bombs. When a serpent man becomes too old to hunt or lead he will be the victim of horrible torture to increase the chance of him becomming a ghost so that his restless spirit can feed the arborial sacks grown in their cave. They have more armor and less con than their earth-cousins.
STR 4d6, CON 4d6, SIZ 3d6+2, INT 2d6, POW 3d6, DEX 3d6+2, DB xx, ARMOR 3.

This species is from another dimension called "gastropodia" because it is almost entirely dominated by snails. It's head can spread out in a cobra-like fan, and it will find an animal trail in which to lurk outfolded. If anything gets too close it will strike out, enveloping the head of the prey with it's Hood, releasing acidic slime and choking the victim to death at the same time. If the prey get's too lively the cobra-snail lets go and then slowly follows the now-blind creature until it is weak enough for a second attack. It's not moving very fast from place to place, but it's strike is fast enough to surprise even the most perceptive of humans. It is usually very adept in finding a place to hide, and will most often attack single prey, or Groups of 2-3 human-sized animals. Size 21-26.
STR d6+15 CON 24+d6, SIZ 20+d6, INT d4+1, POW 3d6, DEX 25, DB xx, ARMOR 5. MOVE 6.

This sharp-bladed crawling flower climbs the tree-tops to drink sunlight, and crawls down to the forest floor to drink water. very beautifull, but also violent and has strong roots to strangle with. If there isn't enough sun it adds some meat to it's diet from catching small animals.
STR d6+12, CON d6+4, SIZ d6+2, INT xx, POW xx, DEX xx, DB xx, ARMOR xx.

Very independent and very hostile to intelligent beings, especially toolusing ones. They were made during the goblin wars about 2000 years ago.
STR 3d6+12, CON 3d6+12, SIZ 2d6+12, INT 2d6, POW 5d6, DEX 3d6, DB xx, ARMOR 15.

Somehow turtles on this dimension has managed to evolve into growing a crystal shield instead of the usual bonestructure. Various fungus grows on these longlived beings using the magical energies within the shield to grow. The turtles use the same energies to warp reality in unusual ways manifesting in an insane sort of freakish luck that keep them from being harmed.
STR d6, CON 2d6, SIZ d4+1, INT d6+1, POW 4d6, DEX d6+1, DB xx, ARMOR 7.

Cultists/mages use shamblers for transport in almost all dimensions, so a few scour the many worlds for magical activities in order to encounter these magic-users and will offer their unique traveling abilities for a price.
STR xx, CON xx, SIZ xx, INT xx, POW xx, DEX xx, DB xx, ARMOR xx.
Grapple and transport victim/wizard to another dimension 65%

These worms spit acidic ectoplasmic goo that slimes, traps and dissolves prey. They usually hunt in their own goo-filled earth tunnels where they protect their gigantic queen worm, but if there is not enough food falling down into their earth-traps they do move aboveground to hunt for their hive. They can be quite strategical when you are down in their turf, preferring to flood areas with acid instead of direct contact, which they do by contracting and becomming an "airlock" then spit unusual amounts of ectoplasma (Which is drawn from the spiritworld and is a virtually inexhaustable source of slime) adding some acid to it.
STR 2d6, CON 2d6+12, SIZ d6+18, INT 3d6, POW 3d6, DEX 3d6, DB xx, ARMOR 0.

With it's white fur it may be mistaken for a white mushroom, which is it's primary source of food. They eat slowly, move slowly and are often in large groups of 10-60 individuals. The mushrooms usually grow back at almost visible speed, so they never go hungry. Once a year they start swarming in a lemminglike way throughout the dimension, which might be a scary sight for newcommers. totally harmless, and almost edible (Needs spice)
STR 1, CON 1, SIZ d4, INT d4+1, POW d6, DEX 3d6, DB xx, ARMOR 1.

Some poltergeists have discovered that some gems protect against the "arborial sack" and have become sort of travelling gemstones filled with hatred of lifeforms. They levitate around and smash stuff when able, especially arborial sacks and have established a lot of "ghosts only" zones.
STR 4d6, SIZ (siz of possessed item), INT 3d6, POW 4d6, DEX 4d6, DB xx, ARMOR 0, but cannot be harmed by non-magical weaponry (their travel-gem can be harmed though). It may have some ghostpowers, but has 1 less than normal (The one spent on telekinesis making it able to travel. Ghostpowers are covered in the last part of this post)

A huge tangle of ghosts flow across the landscape causing havoc and telekinetic chaos. The combined mind of the ghosts is indecisive and uncoordinated and cannot make up a common mind, but the entity sucks up other ghosts along it's path and become a powerfull stormlike phenomena.
STR 2d6, SIZ d10x10+d10, INT d6, POW 8d6, DEX xx, DB xx, ARMOR 0, but cannot be harmed by non-physical weaponry. It will have several ghostpowers (covered in the last part of this post)

Size 13-18. Large and carnivorous.
STR 3d6+6, CON 3d6+6, SIZ d6+6, INT d4+1, POW 3d6, DEX 2d6, DB xx, ARMOR d4+3.

These crows collect quartz and place it in treetops, gluing them together with crow-puke. The nests glitter a lot in the sun and attract the females of the species. They have been known to snatch small shiny equipment as well, and roam wide in their hunt for insects to bring back to the nest.
STR 1, CON 2, SIZ 2, INT d6+2, POW 3d6, DEX 3d6, DB xx, ARMOR 0.

33-34 GOBLINS:
A couple of thousand years ago the goblin civlisation thrived in this dimension, but then the serpent men got the upper hand by being dumb, brutish and fast. From being a faerielike civilisation goblins degenerated into being more devious, losing most of their magical trinkets because of infighting. They hate serpentmen, but knowing what they lost, they will hate hightech civilisations even more. They build the crystal elementals about 2000 years ago.
STR 2d6, CON 2d6, SIZ 2d6, INT 4d6, POW 4d6, DEX 4d6, DB xx, ARMOR 0.

This species of pheasents have evolved a marsupial-like pocket on the back of it's neck, where it carries and hatches a single egg. This way it can fly away from any predators without abandonning it's young. The hatched chick is carried around until it learns to fly. The hump-back hen will need large quantities of insects to nourish itself and it's chick, and will often be found nearby swarmstalks or maze-trees.
STR 1, CON 1, SIZ 1, INT d4+1, POW 3d6, DEX 4d6, DB xx, ARMOR 0.

Yes, shoggoths are in this world too. They are a bit larger, but has less magical capeabilities. They are the only things on this dimension that dares to take on the largest land-octopusses in the jungle.
STR xx, CON xx, SIZ xx, INT xx, POW xx, DEX xx, DB xx, ARMOR xx.

41-43 HUMANS:
Humans in this dimension is usually cultists/wizards hunting for powerfull crystals, though occasionally an ordinary human manages to end up here by accident and soon become a feral lunatic.
No stats provided, since they are in the books.

This species rest on vegetation until it spots an animal to prey on. Then it vibrates violently causing a stir between dimensions, (Which produces the humming) making it fly like an arrow towards it's prey.
STR 5d6, CON 2, SIZ 2, INT d3, POW 4d6, DEX 0, DB xx, ARMOR 0. If it's first attack succedes, it is burried in the flesh of it's target and will eat until it's host dies.

They start out their lives in large groups of small individuals and eat their way throughout the dimension. As they grow bigger they start eating everything that moves nearby, including each other. They can get truly immense. Some prey enough on raptors to store amoniak, which may be squirted at unsuspecting animals. Class = d10
STR d6xclass, CON d6xclass, SIZ d6xclass, INT 2d6+3 , POW 3d6, DEX xx, DB xx, ARMOR = 2 pr class.

These highly aggressive wasps defend any area where maze trees grow as they live in symbiosis with these plants. They attack and often kill anything moving, including harmless organisms like the orniferns. Any corpses add to the nutrients in the area. They eat seeds and destroy other plants creating a "dead zone". When encountered outside this zone it's often because they are after something that got to close to the maze-trees.
STR xx, CON xx, SIZ xx, INT xx, POW xx, DEX xx, DB xx, ARMOR xx.

2-5 mi-go's are flying over the surface of this world to observe anything of interrest. Laundry agents and cultists may be friends or enemies depending on their colony's previous encounters with humans.
STR xx, CON xx, SIZ xx, INT xx, POW xx, DEX xx, DB xx, ARMOR xx.

size 1 plants that looks a bit like butterflies. They swarm the skies of this world and would cloud it over if it wasn't for their occasional need of water which they get by drinking from lakes and rivers. During mating season their spores fly everywhere falling down from above, and as 10% of humans are violently allergic to these spores it would cause havoc if this plant migrated to earth. Luckilly they die from drinking salt water and cannot sense saltwater, so they usually die when in our world. They have a 75% chance of dying from drinking human sweat. this is not their original world. They came from the same dimension as the sap-drinking liana but are thriving.
STR 1, CON 3, SIZ d3, INT d3, POW d6, DEX d6, DB xx, ARMOR 0.

These beetles can spray a ghostly plasma that is ectoplasmic in nature, this greenish plasmaspray pass through flesh and armor and harms the souls of any beings hit by it, except from other plasmabeetles.
STR d4+1, CON d8+2, SIZ d4+1, INT d6+1, POW 4d6, DEX 2d6, DB xx, ARMOR d4+1.

A spiritual entity searching for bodies to possess.
STR xx, CON xx, SIZ xx, INT 3d6, POW 4d6, DEX xx, DB xx, ARMOR 0, but cannot be harmed by non-magical weaponry. It may have some ghostpowers (covered in the last part of this post)

This large spider size 19-24 is ancient in design and has one set of pinchers. Somehow it's genetic makeup has given it access to an invisibility spell, so in order to get enough magical energies to use this veil, it gathers magical gems and crystals and stores them in it's lair, storing up magicpoints before going on hunting expeditions. It can also see other invisible beings. It's not a very social species and has large teritories.
STR 4d6+4, CON 3d6+3, SIZ 3d6+3, INT 2d6+1, POW 4d6, DEX 3d6, DB xx, ARMOR 2d6.

At some point in evolution, horseshoe crabs evolved an affinity for earthquakes, and evolved to live on land. They are much smaller, flatter and have flexible overlapping plates allowing them to crawl though tight spaces. They use their affinity for earthquakes to gather close to the quake-zone, then move in to feed on the corpses of crushed animals in the zone.
STR d4, CON d6, SIZ d3+1, INT d6, POW 3d6, DEX 2d6, DB xx, ARMOR d4.

These spiders weave a strand and attach it to a qurtz-crystal, then spin it around for a turn while filling it up with elemental energies. The qurtz will then fly off the strand towards prey, and upon impact it will release an elemental spell splashing the target with large amounts of wind, fire, earth or water.
STR 2d6, CON 2d6, SIZ 3d6, INT d6+3, POW 4d6, DEX 4d6, DB xx, ARMOR d6+3.

They are velociraptors, but have a high amount of amoniak in their body-fluids. They often diet on a fungal growth with a high content of amoniak. They are also carnivores.
STR 2d6+12, CON 2d6+6, SIZ 2d6+12, INT 2d6+3, POW 3d6, DEX 2d6+12, DB xx, ARMOR d6+1.

This walking shrub dries out some of it's leaves on purpose, and they cause a rattling sound. It has large pointy thorns with a plant-hostile toxin. The rattlethorn is not originally native to this dimension, but it thrives like many other dimensional plants in this world. It will attack anything moving too close to it, but have troubles in sensing smaller lifeforms, so many small animals use it for protection. It roams the world to drain it's food from good soil.
STR d6+6, CON 3d6, SIZ d6+3, INT d4+1, POW 3d6, DEX 2d6, DB xx, ARMOR 0.
Razorleaves 70% d8 damage.

These crocodiles are faster and more agile than on earth, and has a furrlike growth that is soft, but make it look like a rotten tree-log.
STR 4d6, CON 5d6, SIZ 5d6, INT d4+1, POW 3d6, DEX 4d6, DB xx, ARMOR d8+6.

This liana can move at the same speed as a large boa constrictor and uses two pincers on it's head to pearce treetrunks and drink their sap. It originates from another dimension where plantlife is a lot more mobile. It usually won't fight unless cornered.
STR 5d6, CON 3d6, SIZ 4d6, INT d4, POW 3d6, DEX 5d6, DB xx, ARMOR 2.

This is not really a lifeform, but is the part of a dimensional scrying spell. Whenever the players encounter this, some cultist is probably looking at them and knows that they are there. The basics of the spells are that a being can view a random dimension with the spell. It can also chose to lose a pow permanently to create a link to an area it has seen at maximum a month ago, and from then on it can chose to scry that area at will. Cultists often use this spell to scry around their lairs/camps.
SIZ 1, INT (caster), POW 1, DEX (caster).

Very agressive and very poisonous. (It's toxic slime-fur is able to stun native shoggoth's, and may kill shoggoths in other worlds)
STR 2d6+9, CON 2d6+6, SIZ 2d6+3, INT d6+3, POW 3d6, DEX 2d6+9, DB xx, ARMOR 0.

This evil snake constrict the souls of nearby victims instead of their flesh, and it does it at a distance, while remaining hidden and camouflaged. Few creatures can strike back at this sort of ambush.
STR 4d6, CON 4d6, SIZ 4d6, INT d4, POW 4d6, DEX 2d6+6, DB xx, ARMOR 1.

These ancestors of guinea-pigs draw power from quartz and use it to fling out a web of electrical sparks, electricuting everything nearby. This fry other sparklers too, so when sparklers are encountered, they will run in all directions at once, and any one of them comming directly under attack will then start sparkling. They are generally herbivores.
STR 1, CON 1, SIZ 1, INT d4+1, POW 4d6, DEX 3d6, DB xx, ARMOR 0.

85-86 SPAWN OF ???:
These crystaline beings are the children of ???, a huge crystaline god in the mythos.
(I'll need to read up a little on this god in order to create these spawns)
STR xx, CON xx, SIZ xx, INT xx, POW xx, DEX xx, DB xx, ARMOR xx.

These butterflies hunt for a red fungus producing the nectar that they drink. siz 3-5. The wingpatterns are disturbing and may cause sanity-loss if viewed for long. about 5% of the butterflies have paterns in some mythos languages, and these "texts" form random spells that may be learned. 25% of these spells are a summoning spell that summons these giant butterflies. Noone knows how, but natural selection seems to have a hand in how the wingtexts are formed.
STR d4, CON d4, SIZ d3+2, INT d3, POW 4d6, DEX 4d6, DB xx, ARMOR 0.

These boars have evolved snouts like elephants have, but use them to collect and eat furry beetles. This species is not aggressive but are scared of fast by "suspicious behavior" (Like pointing stuff at them, a behavior they recognize from mi-go patrols and goblin groups).
STR 2d6+8, CON 4d6, SIZ 2d6+2, INT d6+1, POW 3d6, DEX 3d6+3, DB xx, ARMOR d4.

Dine on what they can catch, and the amoniak fungal growths. They are becomming a rarity in this dimension as their eggs are being eaten by small landoctopusses and the adult tyranosaurs are being eaten by the larger octopusses.
STR 8d6, CON 7d6, SIZ 7d6, INT d6+1, POW 3d6, DEX 3d6, DB xx, ARMOR d6.

They rest in the treetops at night and when the sun is up they fly through layers of orniferns in the sky, filter-feeding on the youngest plants (Which flies at a lower altitude)
STR d6, CON d6, SIZ d6+1, INT d6, POW 3d6, DEX 4d6, DB xx, ARMOR 0.

Another remnant of the goblin wars, this magical orb searches sentient beings to attack (even goblins) as it's controlers are long dead. It has a variety of spell-like powers, is quite destructive, and very hard to take down even with the best of human technology.
STR 2d6, CON d20+20, SIZ d4, INT 2d6+4, POW 6d6, DEX 5d6, ARMOR 30.

Slinks are a dominant species in this dimension. Yellow slinks lurk nearby the yellow amoniak fungusses where it attacks lone raptors. It's armorpiercing claws can rip prey appart very fast, and it is semi-intelligent enough to know when to attack humans as well, and with the growing number of cultists visiting this place, humans are beginning to be a larger part of it's diet. It's related to the black slink.
STR 2d6+10, CON 4d6+12, SIZ 2d6+4, INT 2d6+3, POW 3d6, DEX 2d6+8, DB xx, ARMOR 0.


These empty tunnels are quite frequent, and are host to a lot of lifeforms that travel through the tunnels, avoiding predators in the jungle undergrowth.

These yellow fungal blooms stink of amoniak and is filled with it. They are eaten by the local dinosaurs that for some reason have evolved a need for this substance. This causes spores to cling to them, and the amoniak fungus gets transported to new areas this way. There is a 5% chance that a tyranosaur nest is here, and each turn there is a 20% chance that the tyranosaur returns. It can track egg-thieves with scent 35%.

It looks like a stomack, hangs around in trees and is filled with acid. Some explorers have pierced these and thought the acid was gathered water. The arborial sack is able to trap ghosts/possessors in it's vicinity and digest astral energies from them. The entities will find this very blissfull. When enough "food" has been stored it will split in two and one sack will move away from the area to find a tree of it's own. this is done with an empty "stomack" and the sack will move to the outskirts of the original sacks location. If enough sacks eat from the ghosts/possessors in an area they will die/move to another plane of existance. The serpent men of this dimension use the sacks as acid bombs. The sacks are being "predated" by gem-geists that stone them to death.

This cave opening in the ground leads down to a gemfilled dark world with weird beings. If you lack inspiration in creating those yourself roll a d20:
1-4=goblins. 5-8=cave serpent men. 9-11=giant centipede . 12-14=black slinks. 15-16=ecto-spitting worms. 17-18=migo. 19=spawn of ???. 20=hunting shoggoth.




Made by ecto-spitting worms.

This area is permanently an area hit by earthquakes. Someone with geology or botany may identify it as such before wandering in to deep. There's a 7% chance of a quake each turn spent here. + roll again to see what type of location is in the quake-zone.

These large fungi are constantly waving to create certain atmospheric airpressures in their vacinity, and also spread their spores to new trees through the winds they create. They need a lot of water in order to keep up their waving, but zones where they grow will always get more rain as a reaction to their combined presence. Areas where this fungus is present has a very different biosphere and array of lifeforms.

Held up by thaumic leylines. Any use of magic will cause these overgrown flying "islands" to crash down to earth with devastating results.


This treelike structure digs it's roots deep into the ground to pump up water and spray it out from it's branches. This creates a swamplike area, and the nutrients from involved microorganisms sometimes passes through the fountain-trees roots feeding it.

The closer you get to a ghost hub, thje more arborial sack you will encounter as ghost-leylines connect from all over the dimension to throw them out violently d4 kilometers from the hub.

This natural phenomena traps ghosts and transports them across the dimension to a ghost hub, where they are thrown out violently all over the area. Arborial sacks grow alongside ghost leylines in large numbers. The sacks cannot trap ghosts, but can eat astral energy from the place.



GLITTER-NEST: d6+1 Nests buildt by glitter-nest crows, the quartz glitter from the treetops whenever the sun is shining and "the veil" is thin. Most nest's are abandonned but can hold goblin artisfacts (1% chance for each nest). Some nests holds furious crows that attack any intruders.


These trees produce a sort of green amber, which behaves a lot like ordinary earthly amber. In this world some black bugs tend to get stuck in it, and this sometimes give the amber magical capeabilities. If brought near by a portal the amber will start vibrating, and any portal that it is moved through will become unstable within a few turns and collapse. This amber is very valuable to cultists and has many other magical properties.

These flowers dust out a deadly pollen whenever there's a wind. Difficult spot will allow beings to spot a lot of skeletons of various species lying around, and sometimes even a corpse. These flowers grow on the corpse nutrients in the area and covers freshly dead beings very fast.

HUMAN SETTLEMENT: 10-60 humans have a pallisade camp here. Roll a d20: 1-4=hippies. 5-8 hostile cultists 9-11 12-14 15-16 17-18 19 20=the laundry's base.

This lake has thousands of orniferns fluttering around dipping their roots in it to drink. Theres a 20% chance of a giant toad lurking in the lake, ambushing anyone getting too close.


These trees live in symbiosis with the maze-wasps which defend them from pretty much anything (Except hunting shoggoths, but these don't eat trees). Maze trees are structured with lots of holes that form an area in which wasps can easily build a hive, and it drips out some sap on the inside that feeds the wasps a bit.MI-GO 40



MIST-WEAVERS: Related to tunnel-weavers. They live in colonies in a treetop web, from where they spin silkthreads down to solid ground (roots or quartz). When the silk dryes it becomes sticky and strung like a violin string. This vertical web looks vaguely like a mist, and anything running into it will become entangled, and lifted of the ground by the combined strength and pull of all the threads that cling to it. The silkspinning larvae will then drop down on the struggling prey and gnaw it slowly to death. Any bones are slowly lifted up into the main web where the younger larvae devours them.

This site holds the remnants of a large goblin war. Lots of goblin skeletons but all valuable stuff has been removed by goblins, though there is a 2% chance of finding something for every hour spent searching.


Some cultist has created a portal, and it leads to their home. There's possibly booby-traps or barriers against the wildlife, or even other humans.

A large formation of quartz is possessed by a ghost. See section on ghost-powers.

The quartz in this area holds certain thaumaturgical paterns that enhance psychic abilities. These zones are often visited by cultists, ghosts and soulstrangling boas.

On a large quartz formation d6 pieces of quartz are glowing. If touched by unprotected skin they will crumble and increase the maximum amount of magicpoints the toucher can store with +5, to a maximum of 20.

The red fungus exudes a sap that attracts spell-butterflies.





These grey fungal stalks grow 2-3 meters high and are very fragile, collapsing or breaking when touched by something large. They grow fast and produce a sort of nectar that attracts insects, and once they eat from it they dumb down and only think of breeding and eating. Swarm-stalks grow from the nutrients left by bug-waste and insect-corpses.

Related to silkworms this species build large silk-tunnels between trees in order to trap orniferns that they will then consume. They use the silktunnels as "highways" in a sort of nomad like culture, moving on in massive groups when one area is depleted of orniferns. Abandoned highways become nests for various creatures in this world. Their nests are ant-proof due to tunnels stickyness.


These looks like champignacs and grow heavilly on a large quartz-formation, aiding their growth through the magical energies there. They spread with small spores through wind. Glass on earth has the crystaline bond magical energies to sustain adult mushrooms, but does not hold enough magical energies for the spores to grow. Any sort of crystal with magical energies may kick the spores into growth, so if spores flew through a rift and hit a window in close contact with a crystal it could start growing on earth. Lots of white furry beetles looking like these mushrooms are feeding on them.
"The veil" is dimensionally so close to the realms of ghosts that it's own ghosts stay on this world in abundance. (there is 8% that someone dying horribly, become a ghost on this world. On Earth it's 4%) When designing a ghost remember that serpent-men have a ghost-creating culture, so many ghosts should be serpent men. Animal ghosts are rare (2% here, 1% on Earth)

GHOSTPOWERS: (Roll d6 to decide how many numbers it has)
1-3 The ghost has d3 powers and it's original pow. (d12+6 for humanlike ghosts)
4-5 The ghost has d3+1 powers and it's original pow+d6.
6 The ghost has d3+2 powers and it's original pow+2d6.

1 Telekinetic touch: The ghost can manipulate mechanical tools by simple touch, like pulling the trigger on a weapon or turning switchess or pressing dials. Or simply touch beings or stuff.
2 Telekinetic throw: The ghost may throw items or being up to siz 3d6 (this is a set number) each round.
3 Electrical glitch: Something electrical stops working for d6+d6 minutes.
4 Horrifying display: The ghost may expend pow to scare san out of creatures. Only works once on individuals.
5 Animate plants: The ghost can possess and animate plants that are inanimate. It can possess moving plants with some difficulty.
6 Ectoplasmic squirt: The ghost can "slime" a target (difficult dodge). Loss of mp to slimed.
7 Quake-waker: the ghost can trigger an earthquake in an earthquake zone once, or call up an earthquake in about 10-40 minutes outside of a zone once a day.
8 Crystal-shattering: This ghost can pay 1 pow permanently to explode nearby crystals to a rain of shards. Since this is a permanent loss, the ghost will usually not trigger it unless it's in danger.
9 Fire-starter:
10 Ice-spawner:
11 Wind-ghost:
12 Drowner:
13 Astral attack: The ghost can attack other ghosts or even possessors.
14 Crystal-warping:

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