Scenario-hook: Denver airport:

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Scenario-hook: Denver airport:

Post by wickeddarkman » Mon Aug 18, 2014 7:04 am

Recently I used the conspiracies on denver airport as a scenario hook.
It's filled with "illuminati"-art and stuff. ... acy_theory

The main course of the scenario was:

An occult talkshow has started to travel to famous occult locations and interview the experts on that area.
Unfortunatelly such shows bring more belief in the occult and usually lead to reality-incursions because the audience usually summons some stuff by believing in it.

The myths on denver airport has some nazi-roots as well, and serpentmen fit as the villains of this scenario.

The players had 3 days to setup their strategy on-site to stop anything summoned by the event, but was not allowed to stop the talkshow due to politics.

When the realities overlapped, denver airport mingled with a paralel universe in which nazi's and lizardmen had won by joining forces. Everything overlaps locationwise so a player in a high location would be placed in a guard tower. Players will have fun in an occult concentration camp. Also a small dinosaur is spotted, which is the thing summoned by the talkshow and is also the one thing holding both realities together. If it is killed it will end the dimensional mingle, and everything returns to somewhat normal. However all nazi's killed turns out to be airport security, and any other casualties turn out to be audience, and they will be dead in the players reality if killed in the "combine".

In my scenario, players discovered the lizard-men lair before the talkshow started, and slaughtered them all, so when the event happened all the lizard leaders were gone in the concentration-camp, causing quite some trouble.

It may be difficult for the players to discover that killing the dinosaur pet thing is the right thing, so at a time you can let it asume it's mythosform to end the scenario if it's getting too stale...

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