Laundry - Predictive Branch

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Laundry - Predictive Branch

Post by johnbrea » Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:01 pm

I'm trying to work out how to replicate what the Predictive Branch does day to day.

There only seems to be 'Prognostication' (level 4) or 'Visual Prognostication' (level 5) which are pretty tough to cast.
The Predictive Branch can run Prognostication (in an hour) using a supercomputer and a full laboratory setup to get the POW 18 required for a level 4 spell.

How can I do something with Traditional Magic like a fortune telling with Tarot cards or entrails?
The basic POW is 11 so getting up to 18 would be pretty hard.
I can use a helpful location and peripherals to add POW but adding 64 sorcerers wouldn't be practical.
Also, getting the same effects as Prognostication would take 100 hours.
Prognostication generates pretty vague/limited information so any lower level spells would seem useless in comparison.

Any suggestions?

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