Creating an alternate laundry career system:

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Creating an alternate laundry career system:

Post by wickeddarkman » Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:35 pm

I'm in the middle of recreating my mission-system, basing it more on status than I've done in the past.

This means that players will move through scenarios and their "level" according to the teams combined status.

The easiest way to build this was to rethink how a laundry career Works.

1: Being outside the laundry: Players flirt with the supernatural community and has a chance to build up a few connections before becomming laundry members.

2: Basic training: Players become a part of laundry and gets a few courses where they are introduced to other agent's.

3: Tea-patrol: Players goes through the laundry serving tea and meeting superiors and more agent's. The occasional "accident" will keep them on their toes.

4: Guard duty: Players become part of a security staff, and handles any unexpected threat's.

5: Stack duty: Players start to dig into the mysteries and meet the increasingly weird stuff in the laundry.

6: Facility duty: Players tour the various facilities in london to handle security problems there.

7: Field duty: Maintaining barricades and police in monster scenarios, surveilance.

8: monster hunting and shadowing.

9: infiltration. international missions.

10: dimensional duty.

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