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What's with all the penalties?

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:17 pm
by GaladrielsHeels
Hello All North Men

Big Question : Not sure why there are so many penalties in this system?

Combat Feats & Spells. Is it because there are no real limits to the feats in terms of use & how many spells you can cast?

Might be house ruling removing penalties but instead introducing mystical backlashes for spell botches; kind of like twilight in Ars Magica. Perhaps some injury based results for combat feat botches.

Seidr botches might whisk away, either physically or spirtitually, the caster to one of the Nine Worlds perhaps. Maybe they have to hang from Yggdrasil for what seems like weeks & work through something to return.

Not very heroic i know but PC's are not immune to disaster and misfortune