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Post by flowdnaecips » Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:14 am

Does the battle rage take up an entire action or can it be performed at will?

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Re: Berserker

Post by Corone » Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:38 am

Interesting question.

I think by the rules it doesn't.
Mainly as the best way to run it is to wind up gradually (or all your furor is gone in moments).
So you can assume the character is falling further into Furor as they swing their axe at their enemies.

However, if the PC is going to burn everything in a moment,
you might take an action from them as they are going all the way to boiling point.
That will at least give their enemies a chance to run... :)
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Re: Berserker

Post by Mat » Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:57 pm

Another question about berserkers.

What is described in "Indestructible!" on page 109 seems like a berserker will very likely die when the battle ends, even if he just uses one furor die in battle.

On the other hand on page 113 it is said, that "Once Exhausted, the savage warrior immediately
drops out of his battle furor" whithout consequences being mentioned.

So, what is right? How should we handle this?

What were doing at the moment is a mix of both. If the berserk wouldn't have any more dice to spend, he'd fall unconscious, if he has some left an the battle ends, he may also take the test mentioned on page 113, which would possibly lead to attacking his allies if he'd fail and falling unconscious if they'd be too far away. If he'd succeed, he could just leave the mode and suffer from wounds etc. according to his hp.

What do you think about this?

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Re: Berserker

Post by Corone » Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:53 pm

For me, it depends of the damage he takes,
and whether you run out of HP or furor first.

If he runs out of Furor, he's Exhausted and must drop out of fury (no roll).
But, if he is in negative hit points, and in fury he is 'Indestructable'.
He fights until he runs out of furor or passes his total hit points in negative.
If he passes his total hit points in negative (even with furor left) he dies right then.
If he comes out of fury (such as becoming exhausted) he will die if his hit points are still below 'Dead' (1/4 negative)

So, Bob is berzerking.
He takes a load of damage but doesn't go negative and has furor left
If the fight stops he has to roll to come out of the fury.

option 1
he runs out of furor, but isn't in negative HP.
He is Exhausted and passes out.

option 2
He has furor left but has gone well into negative HP.
He is now Indestructable and can keep going beyond the official death level.
If he runs out of Furor he instantly falls out of fury (but he can roll to come out if he has run out of enemies).

Lets say his maximum HP are 40.
If he comes out of fury under -10 HP he lives.
But if it is more he will die when he comes out of fury.
However, while in fury he can fight until he hits -40 HP,
but at -41 he dies no matter what.

So fury is something to be careful with.
A quick burn out on furor can drop you, but if you want to survive and are taking heavy damage,
blow your furor on a last epic round so you pass out before you go pass the death threshold.
But for a truly epic death, fight until the last negative HP has been spilled and cut a path to Valhalla with your axe!

Hope that makes some sense! :)
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