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Translated Game Lines

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:10 pm
by Jon Hodgson
We have some news to share about our translated game lines - Yggdrasill, Qin, Kuro and Keltia.
We’ll be ceasing sale of these games at the end of June. We wanted to let you know now, so that you have an opportunity to buy anything you’ve been thinking of picking up.
However, take heart! We’re delighted to say that once our time as custodians of these games comes to an end, we’ll be handing over to le 7eme Cercle, who created these fine titles. And so in future English language versions of Yggdrasill, Qin, Kuro and Keltia will be available through them, along with any future supplements they translate.
So what happened?
Fans of our translated lines will be aware that progress has been painfully slow. Getting these titles translated for the English language market, at the quality we demand, has consistently proved a big challenge. We love all of these games - which is why we licensed them in the first place - but we have really struggled to find a workable solution.
We’ve been quietly trying to find a workflow that provides a reliable production schedule at a cost that can be recouped by sales. Despite our best efforts, and the efforts of several different line developers and teams, nothing has stuck. We’ve spent some time talking with le 7eme Cercle to identify the best way forward, and have decided that these great games should return to their creators.
We’ll be doing everything we can to help le 7eme Cercle hit the ground running, and we’ll be handing over all the unpublished material we have in hand. We all feel that this is the best way to look after the many fans of these games.
Le 7eme Cercle is the proper home for all of these great titles, and we wish them the very best in their mission to bring them into the English language!

Re: Translated Game Lines

Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:25 am
by Jon Hodgson
Hi all,
A quick reminder that our translated lines will be removed from sale at the end of this month, from our webstore and our Drivethru/RpgNow stores.

This is your last chance to grab them for the near future. We're not certain when they will be available again from 7emeC.