Autopilot, a Kuro Adventure 1-Shot

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Autopilot, a Kuro Adventure 1-Shot

Post by Black Jack Rackham » Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:35 pm

Since I mentioned doing this one shot elsewhere, I thought I'd give you all a look-see at my idea and see what you all think. First background:
May 4, 2046 – During the Kuro Incident, several hundred ships in the area of the second missile’s “disappearance” themselves disappeared. Among them the Tanoshī Kōkai (楽しい航海,or Joyous Voyage) a heavy freighter bound for Shin-Edo.

It was a not so secret, secret that the crew were all affiliated with [some Yakuza gang] and were known to smuggle Koreans into Shin-Edo as cheap labor (as well as other, more lascivious, jobs). They did so by bribing local officials and by hiding Koreans in one of the ballast tanks.

On April 26, after having been locked in the ballast tank for over a month with nothing but themselves and their own filth, and with barely enough food and water to survive, the refugees did something desperate. One of their own, a young man named Yeung-Su Moon (who'd had some training in acrobatics before he learned cybernetic and biotech replacements made his, wholly natural, skills moot) crawled out through the intake pipes with the idea of breaking them out from outside the tank.

Unfortunately, electronic locks spelled the doom of both the rescue attempt, and the lives of the refugees. Having dealt with this before, the crew simply waited for Yeung-Su to get out of the pipes (not wanting his body to block the water flow) then flooded the entire tank, killing everyone inside.

Then they did away with the young man and tossed his body overboard. But not before taking out their anger (at the lost revenue) upon his poor, helpless, body.

No sooner did his body hit the water than the crew looked up to see a missile streaking toward Shin-Edo.
The adventure begins in mid-November as another typhoon bears down on Shin-Edo. While it won't make landfall for several hours, the rain is already coming down in sheets. Seemingly, as if from nowhere, dockworkers see the Tanoshī Kōkai sitting in the bay. No one remembers anything about the name, so they simply start their procedures. However, all attempts at contact fail. So they contact [the company that owns the ship].

An hour later, a data recovery team from [the company] take a launch out to the boat. All seems fine (though they aren't in contact with the dockworkers) right up until one member of the recovery team takes a screaming swan dive off the main deck to the water below.

At that point, both the company and the observing dockworkers call the Police. PCs are all members of the Shin-Edo Metropolitan Police Department (doing various jobs, detectives in both the homicide and computer services/financial crime divisions, two SAT (SWAT) members (one is a hand-to-hand specialist, the other a demolitions person), a criminal psychologist and a medic, possibly a forensic pathologist).

All they will be told is that there has been a death down by the docks and that hostages may be involved. They are to deal with the matter quickly and quietly.

As for Scenes, I have the following:

1.Getting the Call - where PCs get the bare bones of the adventure and I set the scene (with torrential rains, cold, the coming typhoon, the dark, etc.)

2. Scene of the Crime - SAT goes in first to secure the team (the two PC members are left behind for various reasons). That leaves the PCs free to speak with all the witnesses, learn what else is going on (including the ship's history, albeit without the whole smuggling aspect) and the fact that one of the men who took the data recovery team over to the ship swears that the man who died was pushed off rather than jumped off.

3. All Aboard! - SAT commander declares the scene safe and says PCs can come over. Once there the PCs discover something wrong. While they can speak with the commander, they only see any of the SAT members from a distance.

And at that point I'm kind of lost, so let me tell you what's really going on.

I'm hoping its obvious that Yeung-Su Moon is the culprit. He became a Yurei because of the tortures he suffered and the loss of his friends/family when they were killed in the ballast tank. The rule he follows is that he can/will only kill Japanese who board the ship. And he goes about it by taking control of all electronics on board. So it's he that's talking to the PCs in Scene 3, rather than the SAT Commander. He also controls all the robots on board, and uses them to kill. That means most of the adventure makes it appear that the AI in the ship has gone rogue and is sending bots to get them (and locking the doors to keep them inside, etc.)

I'm picturing a hunt for the missing SAT members, the discovery of the bloated Korean bodies in the ballast tank and perhaps finding where the crew tortured Yeung-Su. In addition, there should be some investigation about what exactly the ship was doing and the crew's allegiance/side business. To tie things up, PCs will need to discover it's not a rogue AI but rather a Yurei (though I don't know it's necessary for them to learn it). Followed up by coming up with a solution to the problem (not letting any Japanese on board ever again would work, and would allow the company to get their cargo. Alternately, skuttling the ship would also do the job, though they'd have to get it out in deep enough waters to make sure it sunk completely. Finally powering the whole thing down would reveal the Yurei, but none of the PCs has any ghost killing equipment.)

Black Jack Rackham
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Re: Autopilot, a Kuro Adventure 1-Shot

Post by Black Jack Rackham » Thu Jul 07, 2016 12:31 am

I also had a fun thought for a sequel to this where Yeung-Su uses the the cops' connection to police headquarters computers to take over the building and terrorize everyone within.

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Re: Autopilot, a Kuro Adventure 1-Shot

Post by Corone » Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:04 pm

Looking good! :)
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Re: Autopilot, a Kuro Adventure 1-Shot

Post by NIÑO » Sun Jul 17, 2016 5:41 am



Fall-out from brexit?



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Re: Autopilot, a Kuro Adventure 1-Shot

Post by Black Jack Rackham » Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:54 pm

Was that related to the adventure or the spammer?

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Re: Autopilot, a Kuro Adventure 1-Shot

Post by Jay_NOLA » Sun Jul 17, 2016 7:37 pm

Looks good what you posted.

Also, keep in mind that you might want to make when supernatural stuff occurs it seems that it may not be supernatural. Having players question if something I supernatural or not is all ways good and it can unnerve them if done right. This is dependent on if out want to gradually introduce supernatural stuff and have the players be aware it is supernatural and supernatural menaces or real or if your not going to worry about that at all.

It could be that they just come to conclusion ha something supernatural is involved, but have no idea as to what it is.

The character are going to need some clues and help set up to figure out that a yurei is involve if you want them to figure at out eventually. If ou want them to ultimately learn this during the game.

Be sure to have some stuff set up in case the players do decide to try and get some help in dealing and studying how to handle a yurei, if they ever figure out that is the cause. (Keep in mid that most modern/pop culture Japanese books, movies, etc. their character could easily access will have incorrect information and may even downplay the danger of the yurei.)

A your planning this as a one shot with a possible sequel I would not worry to much about how visible supernatural stuff is. Now, if your players enjoy Kuro and you do decide to un the main Kuro campaign of adventure. I recommend you just have them make new characters due to the way the campaign is set up and how the supernatural elements are added in to epose players to them has a well established progression.

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Re: Autopilot, a Kuro Adventure 1-Shot

Post by Black Jack Rackham » Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:54 pm

So I ran this adventure for a group of 6. They fell right for the trap I set, thinking the whole time that the ship's AI was the culprit.

I also threw in a couple of great twists. First I had every character have a dark secret that might have come to light or a mission that wasn't merely to solve the murder. For example, the Financial Crimes Detective had a secret Robot Fetish (wanted to become a robot or replace everything to look as much as possible like one) which made fighting the Yojimbo Robots quite difficult. And the corp representative was to make sure that nothing bad was to be associated with the company (and he did so admirably by shutting down the AI so it couldn't be hacked by the Financial Crimes Detective).

Second, once they figured out it was a Yurei, they went whole hog trying to perform a Godousou ceremony (Buddhist death ritual when one has no body to bury). But the Yurei wasn't worried about its own soul. Rather it wanted peace for the people killed in the ballast tank. So thinking all was clear the PCs let more Japanese aboard whereupon the Yurei reactivated the Yojimbo robots and wholesale slaughter began.

I think a great time was had by all, despite the fact that they missed about half the information they needed to resolve the problem.

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