Makkura Errata & FAQ Rough Draft Version

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Makkura Errata & FAQ Rough Draft Version

Post by Jay_NOLA » Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:13 pm

I've been carefully reading Makkura and have been compiling any errata I've seen and notes that would most likely get asked. This is a rough draft of what I have compiled errata wise along with some clarifications to explain some things. If anyone spots any typos in this or notices ones I missed please post the. I'm rushing to try and find all the errors, etc. and post tthem before the print version gets released.

I am also compiling some short notes on the various yokai that get mentioned but aren't detailed and I posted some of those notes Coming Soon Thread.


Q: What are the differences between the English and French versions of Makkura?

A: The French version comes with a GM screen

The English version has a different cover. The French version is just a plain black book with the Words Makkura on it and the kanji that is on all the Kuro products. (The image with the Tengu that is often seen in ads for the French Makkura is the French GM screen artwork.)

The interior of the French is black and gray , while the English version is black and white

The Fugu adventure that is in the French Kuro core rule book was moved into the English version of Makkura since it wasn't included in the English Kuro core book.

The equipment sections in the French version are not in the English version, since they were incorporated into the English version of the Kuro core rule book.

Definitions for the meanings of the titles of the main adventures were added to the Glossary section in the English version.

An Appendix that has a player handout list of all the 28 Potentials found in the Origami adventure in the Kuro core rule book was included. Several that aren't in any specific adventure were created. These created ones are not the ones that French fans created for PDF Kuro aids for the campaign.

The error in the French version regarding the directions for 2 of the Shi-Teno was fixed in the English version.

Some other minor changes and additions were made to help in running the adventures.

Other changes are noted in the appropriate sections of the Additions, Clarifications & Errata Section.

Additions Clarifications & Errata.


The text of Makkura in a few places refers to Ao-Andon as being male, when traditionally Ao-Adon is a female.

The male sex was used, also in the French version, because of the how Ao-Andon looks in the art in the book.

You can change the sex of Ao-Andon to be female if you want it to match traditional depictions.

The Shi Teno

The 4 Shi Teno are also connected to the Four Symbols found in Chinese Mythology which has been imported into Japanese mythology.

The name of each guardian contains the same name or one very close as the Japanese for that Symbol.

Chinese Name Japanese Name Meaning Direction
Xuan Wu Genbu Black Tortoise North
Qing Long Seiryū Azure Dragon East
Bai Hu Byakko White Tiger West
Zhu Que Suzaku Vermilion Bird (Similar to the Phoenix) South

North is considered to be an unlucky direction and is believed to attract negative spiritual things. In China in Japan this is why for example many don’t sleep facing the North.

The Northern Symbol is also, often portrayed in various media as being the toughest since it deals the most with negative spiritual things.

These reasons are why the players will get called upon by Genbu Naoko the most and are why she lives the longest of all the guardians

Pg. 4: New Skill Specialisations

The new Melee Weapons specialisation Kusari Gama that Tenshi has on pg 57 was not included in the compilation of new specializations.

The French version of Makkura does not a section that compiles all the new specializations found in it in one place and doesn’t give descriptions of them anywhere in it.

The Fish Farming specialization is called Aquaculture in the French version. The French speciliasiation may cover more than just fish farming based on the name of the specialisation. This is mentioned for those who may see the French name used for it when translating French fan materials and also if the GM wish to use Aquaculture instead of Fish Farming.

Pg. 9: Kaijin

Change the word Pilot to the word Watercraft in the text that talks about learning a free point in the specialization “Heavy Diving suit” that a character can learn. Heavy Diving Suit is a Watercraft specialization not a Pilot on.

The "s" in suit in “Heavy Diving suit” needs to be capitalized in this part of the text too.

Pg. 12: Victim 1: Itagaki Kimiko

In the text it says prostitution is not actually illegal. This is not correct. Prostitution is illegal in Japan. However, accepting money for certain sex acts is not considered to be prostitution in Japan.

Pg. 19: Niwa

Niwa's Pilot 4 Skill needs to be changed to Watercraft 4.

Pg. 36: Ama-no-Juki

The word “talk” needs to be capitalized in “Fast Talk”.

Shape Change (human) only works when Ama-no-Juki wear the skin of a human, and only lets Ama-no-Juki change into the human who’s skin Ama-no-Juki is wearing.

Pg. 38: Sorachi ‘Byakko’ Yamato

The word “hand” needs to be capitalized in “Hand to Hand”.

Pg. 49: The Stars Are Right

In the paragraph right above the Shi-Teno section replace the text "Komoku is the Western Phoenix, with his burning body. Jikoku is the guardian of the East, the fish of dawn. Zocho is said to be a jungle sorceress, the guardian of the South." needs to be changed to read "Komoku is said to be a jungle sorceress, the guardian of the East, the fish of dawn. Zocho is the Sothern Phoenix, with his burning body."

Pg. 49: The Guardians

Byakko Kozakua is associated with Komoku (The West), not with Zocho (The South).

Sujiko Hiro is associated with Zocho (The South), not with Komoku (The West).

Pg. 51: Komoku (The West) –Sujaku Hiro

Change the text “Komoku (The West)” to “Zocho (The South)” in the heading.

Pg. 51: Zocho (The South) – Byakko Kozakura

Change the text “Zocho (The South)” to Komoku the West in the heading.

Pg. 55-56: The Weapons from Okinawa

Japan has very strict laws regarding guns and bladed weapons. You can’t go buy a firearm or sword the way the text implies in Japan.

The bladed weapons laws have gotten even stricter since the time the Kuro game line was originally written in France.

Air guns and taser guns are the primary guns you'll see people own, as those are legal and require no special permits.

Owning an actual firearm requires you to have a special permit and you have to keep the weapon locked up when not using it legally. Similar rules exist for knives, swords, and other bladed weapons.\

The purchase of Hachiro’s weapons would be illegal in Japan.

The GM can choose to make the sale be an illegal on or just ignore the real world legalities regarding the selling, buying, and owning of weapons in Japan.

Pg. 56: Hatachiro’s Weapons

Replace the sentence "Unfortunately, Nambu 14 bullets are quite hard to come by." with “Unfortunately, 8mm Nambu bullets which the Nambu Type 14 uses are quite hard to come by.“

The Clip for the Nambu pistol is 8 not 6. An extra round can be kept in the chamber too. The gun just currently has only 6 rounds in its’ magazine.

The REA for the Nambu Type 14 is 0 by default, like all other guns.

Also, the characters can also try and find Nambu Type 14 magazines in addition to bullets for it.

Pg. 58: Tenshi, the Oni Tracker

The word “hand” needs to be capitalized in “Hand to Hand”.

The word “gama” needs to be capitalized in “Kusari Gama”.

The word “sciences” needs to be capitalized in “Physical Sciences”.

The word “mechanics” needs to be capitalized in “Car Mechanics”.

The word “systems” needs to be capitalized in “Mechanic Systems”.

The word “armor” needs to be capitalized in “Natural Armor”.

The word “weapons” needs to be capitalized in “Natural Weapons”

The word “beak” needs to be “capitalized to “Beak”.

Pg. 64: The first sentence in the Fair Price section doesn’t read correct the way it is currently written. The word "collected" need to be change to "collecting" in it or the word "he" needs to be added before the word "collected" for the sentence to read correct.

Pg. 78: The Hito-Dama

The word “hand” needs to be capitalized in “Hand-to-Hand”.

The word “hands” and “fangs” need to be capitalized in “Burning Hands and Fangs.”

Pg. 94: Zen-Class Security Androids

The word “hand” needs to be capitalized in “Hand to Hand”.

Pg. 101: Typical Ika-zuchi-no-kam

Several words need to be capitalized. (I'll edit this part of the post latter to indicate which words exactly.)

Pg. 116: Typical Ghost Soldier

The word “hand” needs to be capitalized in “Hand to Hand”.

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Re: Makkura Errata & FAQ Rough Draft Version

Post by JReynolds » Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:39 pm

I've only read a little ways into this, but noticed an error I wanted to mention as well:

Pgs 7, 126: "Gestsuyobi" -- in Japanese romaji, Monday is "Getsuyoubi" (the first 's' shouldn't be there, and it's a long 'o' sound). I don't mind the simplifying the long 'o' down to just 'o' so much (as you've done with all of the other days of the week as well), but the extra 's' really stands out to me.

Love the setting, love the concepts!

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Re: Makkura Errata & FAQ Rough Draft Version

Post by JReynolds » Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:34 am

Here's a few more I've come across while reading (only about 1/3 of the way in so far, but enjoying it):

Pg 21: Under Text Message, towards the bottom, "After a confrontation with the teenager the texts stop anyway. I" -> the trailing "I" is either a missing sentence, or was intended to be deleted.

Pg 26: Under Kato Hibiki, "He has recently became addicted" -> "became" should be "become".
Pg 25: Under General Rumours, "it is possible do acquire" -> "do" should be "to"

Pg 30: 1st column, halfway down, "He brings it a table" -> I believe this should be "He brings it to a table"
Pg 30: 2nd column, halfway down, "Ichiro insisted in using" -> should be "Ichiro insisted on using"

Pg 31: The Blue Realm, "The corridor seems slightly curved extremities hidden in the distant gloom." -> seemed like strange phrasing to me

Pg 34: The Fifth Door, "moaning seem do come" -> "moaning seem to come"

Pg 40: "might chose to find refuge" -> "might choose to find refuge"

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Re: Makkura Errata & FAQ Rough Draft Version

Post by Andrew » Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:30 am

Cheers for spotting these! I've just gone through and added them to the final PDF version we're sending to print.

If you PM me your real names, I'll make sure we credit you too!



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