Fun With Japanese Slang

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Fun With Japanese Slang

Post by Jay_NOLA » Thu Jul 10, 2014 8:29 pm

I was reading a book on Japanese street slang yesterday and saw a couple that were on note.

Do note that many of these words have other meanings.And, you most likely have seen and are familiar with a few of the non slang meanings. ;)

Kuro - street slang for opium. It is called this because of the black, tarry texture of opium. Ahenis the proper word for opium.

Debu - a fatso. A fat person. This is a slur but it has become an empowered self description to some in recent times.

ikemen - a handsome man
kamimen - a man even hansomer than an ikemen.
busamen - an ungly boy

DVD - This acronym of debu versus debu is used to refer to a fat person dating another fat person.

Acronyms are popular in modern Japanese slang.

So we get for example things like these:

BBC - "bibishi" - which comes from "Busu to Busu no Kyappuuru" and means an ugly-plus-ugly couple.
CIA - Which comes from "Chotto Ikareta Aho" and means "A bit of a crazy fool".
ABS - Which comes from "Aho, Baka, Shine!" and means "Fool, idiot, die!"

Yaru - "This literally means "to do" but criminal slang meaning "to do in". A lot of slang word exist that mean to kill a person.

Some others that ca be used to refer to to murderer literal meaning are:

nesaseru - "to put to sleep"
chirasu - "to scatter"
shimeru - "to close"
tomeru - "to stop"
magerru - "to twist" or "to bend"
tatamu - "to fold"

Note: that you will need to conjugate these in speech.
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Re: Fun With Japanese Slang

Post by Corone » Fri Jul 11, 2014 2:33 pm

Good stuff.
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