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Post by GraemeDavis » Thu Feb 11, 2016 8:33 pm

Hello all,

I've posted a bunch of free stuff on my web site at

My hope is that people will also visit the "My Books" page while they are there (, and hopefully succumb to the temptation to buy something that earns me royalties.

What has this to do with Cthulhu Britannica, you ask? Well, among the freebies are a couple of previously unpublished adventure outlines I wrote in the 80s for "Green and Pleasant Land." I wrote them in a batch that included "Death in the Post" from GraPL, the outline of "The Worm Stones" from Fantasy Chronicles #5, and "Trilogy of Terror" from White Dwarf 97. Somehow these two were missed, and I just found them on a very old and dusty disk.

See what you think of them.

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