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The Strangest Shop in London

Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 2:40 pm
by Catsmate
[It was] perhaps the strangest shop in London. The shop sign over the door is a weather-worn Ka-figure from an Egyptian tomb, now split and worn by the winds of nearly forty winters. The windows are full of an astonishing jumble of objects. Every historic period rubs shoulders in them. Ancient Egyptian bowls lie next to Japanese sword guards and Elizabethan pots contain Saxon brooches, flint arrowheads or Roman coins…

There are lengths of mummy cloth, blue mummy beads, a perfectly preserved Roman leather sandal found twenty feet beneath a London pavement, and a shrunken black object like a bird’s claw that is a mummified hand… all the objects are genuine and priced at a few shillings each.
[H. V. Morton, 1928]

Something that I was surprised was omitted from Cthulhu Britannica: London was a reference to "Stony Jack" Lawrence, the antiquarian and pawnbroker. He's an ideal character to insert in a CoC type game given his habit of acquiring odd objects dug up in (or under) London.

Here's something I wrote for Doctor Who AITAS about him: ... est-london