[Player Character] Jason Moran

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[Player Character] Jason Moran

Post by Beran » Sun May 12, 2013 5:52 am

Anything to help a fellow gamer...here is the character I put together for your one shot PBP game. I haven't actually played the game, yet.

Name: Jason Moran
Occupation: Game Warden
Nationality: South African (Mother is Dutch, Father is British)
Age: 39

Awareness 4 Story Points: 9
Coordination 3
Ingenuity 3
Presence 3
Resolve 4
Strength 2

Animal Handling 3
Athletics 1
Convince 0
Craft 1
Fighting 2
Knowledge 0
Marksmanship 3 (Rifle 5) (Tranq Gun 5)
Medicine 1
Science 3 (Zoology 5)
Subterfuge 3 (Sneak 5)
Survival 3 (Track 5)
Technology 0
Transport 2

Good Traits
Brave (mj)
Fast Runner (mn):Ran Track at University of Johannesburg.
Sharpshooter (mn)
Tracker (mn)


Bad Traits:
By the Book (mn)
Eccentric (mn): Distrusts technology
Adversary (mj): CTech Industries
Emotional Complication (mn): Reckless

Trail backpack
Magnifying glass
Zoological manuals
First Aid kit
Survival kit
all-weather clothing
camouflage gear
set of camping gear
hiking boots
magnetic compass/maps
5 glow sticks
Rifle bag
digital camera
Night Vision Gear
Survival Knife (strength +2) 2/4/6
Remington 700 CDL .30-06 Rifle 3/6/9
S&W 500ES Revolver 3/6/9
gun permits

Most of the gear is either stored at home or at his work place.

When not in school or doing chores around the family home, young Jason would spend all his free time exploring every inch of his family’s farmstead, often attaching himself to the groups of farm hands who job it was to maintain the fence lines bordering the property. He delighted in the chance to get away from “civilization” for days at a time. The hard work strengthened his body, and from the local workers he learned how track and survive in the often hostile environment that rural South Africa could offer. In his early teens his father taught Jason to shoot; a pastime he rather enjoyed and he spent many an hour honing his skill putting a sizable dent in the varmint population on and around the farmstead.

After graduating from middle school Jason went on to complete a degree in zoology, specializing in predatory animals, from the University of Johannesburg. From there he went on to become a Ranger/Warden working in the Krueger National Preserve.

While in his sixth year working at the Park he was approached by a man, a representative of the CTech Industires, who said he had an interesting job proposal for Jason. It seemed that InGen was opening a special preserve in a remote part of Kenya, and that they were looking for trained zoologists (particularly those specializing in predatory animals as Jason was) with field experience. Jason agreed to a trip to the facility to take a look at the work being done there and decide for himself if the job was a good fit. Once he arrived, Jason quickly began to sense that this was unlike any preserve he had been on before. First, off there were all the non-disclosure forms that had to be signed, as well as other legal documents that Jason didn’t fully comprehend. Then there was the background noise, animal calls that Jason had never heard before and were completely alien to him. Once all the legalese was taken care of, and the usual park safety briefings done he was allowed to depart for the part of his tour, through the park itself. As soon as the first resident came into view Jason realized why things seemed different here; the park was full of extinct species from all eras of the prehistoric past. Some as early as the Ice Age, others going back to the first dinosaurs that walked the Earth, his head was spinning. How had they’d done this? He had of, of course, read about the theory that scientists were looking into the possibility of cloning extinct species from genetic material frozen in the tundra of Russia, and from soft tissue that had been discovered in the fossil of a T-Rex femur, but that was decades away. His answer came with the second part of the tour.

It seemed that CTech had discovered some type of phenomena; they called a Quantum Gate, which was a fancy word for a big shiny hole in the universe that objects could pass back and forth through to other times. And that CTech was using this technology to gather specimens to further their cloning technologies; they were trying to gather as many species as they could, as the technology that was used to open the Gates was unreliable and no one had any idea on how much longer they would continue to operate.

Securing an indefinite leave of absence from the Park in South Africa, Jason took up the duties of hiss new job. Which included corralling a herd of Gallimimus to using his own as bait so that CTech was able to secure their first T-Rex.; Jason was never so glad that he was a fast runner as that day. However, within a year things started to unravel when he stumbled upon information that CTech was partnered with a company called Arasaka, a Euro-Asian arms manufacturer. CTech was supplementing their financial resources for the project by looking into the possible military application of their discoveries. Deciding he could not be a part of these plans, he was able to secure his escape, trekked for 5 days through the bush to the nearest community, and was able to secure transport to the Capitol. While securing transport back to South Africa he was approached by another man. This time the gentleman carried the credentials of a representative of a Branch of the British government. He knew about the preserve that InGen was building, and the information that Jason had seen about their collusion with Arasaka. He told Jason that the British Government had set up a taskforce, of sorts, to deal with the Anomalies (as he put them) and those people who would use them for less then honourable ends. And finally asking Jason if he would like the opportunity to put the screws to CTech?

Growing up in the wilderness of South Africa with its various threats to ones safety has given Jason a sense of almost total composure in dangerous situations. However, he does let this sense of “fearlessness” colour his out look at times. As is exemplified by the occasion when CTech’s Kenyan facility acquired its first Rex; with Jason using himself as bait to get the Rex through the Quantum Opening. The only thing that does seem to unnerve him is enclosed spaces.

Having learned to live by his wits and survive on his own over the years has also led to a certain distrust of technology. Though he is quite comfortable using a computer for business purposes, he much prefers using a compass and paper maps as opposed to GPS and other “modern” navigational aids.

Jason is also a stickler for safety protocols when in the bush.

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